Future Healthcare Medical Network

The Future Healthcare Medical Network is based on an online platform that connects the Insured, the Provider and the Insurance Company through multiple communication channels centralized in a single point.
Without entailing more administrative burdens, you will be able to manage all clinical and financial processes, achieving better control of your activity and easier billing.  

What advantages do medical providers have?

The advantages for health service providers consist of the optimization and simplification of their clinical, administrative, and financial processes, as well as an increase in their activity and income:   
  • Greater number of patients

    • The new Future Healthcare model will introduce new clients from insurance companies, corporate groups, and Banks, which Will increase the number of private healthcare patients

  • Faster payments

    • The Future Healthcare scale is based on the procedures of the OMC with very reasonable prices
    • Average payment term 15 days
    • Possibility of billing medical services at the time they are provided 
    • Monitoring of the payment process in real time

  • Greater proximity with Future Healthcare

    • Personalized Telephone Support from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
    • Training in the use of the Future Healthcare platform and in operational processes 
    • Team of managers dedicated to managing the medical network
    • Contact with the Medical Management for clarification of doubts
    • Satisfaction surveys

  • Higher Quality of Service for the Provider

    • Validations and Authorizations in real time
    • Reduction in the number of claims
    • Reduction in the number of open cases with the Company

  • State of Art Platform

    • Key processes managed in real time
    • Fully adaptable to the needs of the medical service provider 
    • Digital platform in the cloud and multi device

Join Future Healthcare

Supplier website

  • Virtual and physical health card for customers
  • Customer validation in real time  
  • Authorization request for more complex medical procedures
  • Billing process for medical procedures  
  • Online account statement

Care Channel for Medical Professionals

  • User support
  • Management of medical appointments
  • Information about beneficiaries
  • Information on authorization requests