Managed Services

The growing demand of the Health and Life Insurance Market created added pressure on our Corporate Customers – on the one hand, the need to transform their sales and operating processes, in a digital era in which the customer is increasingly demanding and wants all of the interactions with his Company to occur in a an intangible manner; on the other hand, the need to obtain profitability with the management of his portfolios requiring an ever more detailed knowledge of the behaviours of his customers and providers, as well as the evolutionary trends of health costs.

In order to respond to these demands, Future Healthcare developed a set of management services that could be complementary to their main lines, notably:


Marketing & Sales
We have accumulated the experience of over 18 years of investment on the Internet and managing various digital platforms, including the on-line marketing of Plans and Health Insurance.

Our approach rests on a clear strategy of on-line marketing, personalised according to the goals and objectives of each of our Corporate Customers. For this purpose, we provide a digital platform, that ensures an on-line sales process, integrated from the simulation to payment and issuance of the contact:

Whenever an insurance product needs a medical evaluation, this action may be performed on-line or by phone, thus improving the customer’s experience.

The customer may select among various contact channels:  call centre, PC, tablet or mobile.
Customer Service
The transparency of company and its speed in responding to questions and giving its customers an effective return are extremely valued factors nowadays.  With the digitalisation of this sector, it is hoped that interaction with customers will be increasingly simple and efficient. Future Healthcare has always been well focused on the customer and to this extent has evolved so that increasingly the tools it has at its disposal are efficient and allow effective follow-up of customer needs.

In this sense we have developed a set of tools that we place at the disposal of our Corporate Customers:

  • Physical and Virtual Card 
  • On-line Scheduling Directory 
  • Customer Support Line 
  • Commercial Network Support
  • Customers Reserved Área 
  • E.newsaúde
  • Satisfaction Surveys
Contract Management & Collections
The growing demand of capital requirements and solvency in the insurance sector creates pressure to transfer risk and adopt innovative agreements with reinsurers. The new risk coverages for Health and Life, and the respective amounts insured, require a greater capacity of evaluation, and therefore solutions are needed to transfer risk that are more innovative and specialised in managing the portfolio.

To create specialised solutions for Corporate Customers, with our own insurance license and in partnership with large reinsurers, we can project and operate “turnkey solutions”, ensuring all processes inherent to managing large portfolios, namely managing policies and collecting the respective premiums.

Risk Management, AI & Data Analytics
The increasing market demand for Health and Life Insurance created growing pressure on our Corporate Customers – on the one hand, they want to introduce into the market innovative products and services that enable an increase in the quality of service to the end customer, on the other they need to guarantee their financial sustainability and a balance in managing the risk of their customer portfolio.

Future Healthcare counts on broad experience on the design and development of products, which it places at the disposal of its Corporate Customers. Thus, we are able to project, develop and operate specialised solutions for each entity, aligning all of  the rules of business with the risk management policy of each of our Customers.

From the standpoint of data analysis, we develop a Data warehouse that enables the analysis of large volumes of data. Based in this information repository, it was possible to define historical series that enabled a better analysis of the behaviour of usage in the past, offering support to current decision-making and prediction of future events