About us

The Future Healthcare Group, founded in 2003, is an independent international private group, with headquarters in Lisbon and offices in Zurich (Switzerland), Madrid (Spain), Bucharest (Romania), Warsaw (Poland), Quito (Ecuador) and Bogotá (Colombia).

“To provide our customers access to the best conditions of health; life and well-being.”

What We Do

The Future Healthcare Group provides its Corporate Customers – Insurance Companies, Health Systems, Banks, Distributors – a broad portfolio of services, developed modularly, which allows them to manage all processes and operations associated with Health Insurance, Life Insurance or a Health System. Every operative system is based on its own technological platform, fully digital and on the cloud, which may be customised to the image and procedures of each of our corporate customers.
The Future Healthcare Group positions itself in the market with two distinct business models - Software as a Service (SaaS) or Third Party Administrator (TPA).

We Build

We develop and put into operation innovative and competitive products and services, in partnership with our Corporate Customers. We understand your needs and their complexity, so we customise all solutions, in order to ensure the flexibility and personalisation each one requires.

We understand

In order to keep up with the new demands of the Life and Health Insurance Markets, the market players need to innovate their management mechanisms, to respond to an environment that is increasingly competitive, with reduced margins and the constant appearance of new and aggressive distribution players. At the same time, customer expectations, in an ever more digital economy, are very high and bring an “urgency” that demand new answers.   Consequently, we align our main skills – medicine, risk management, information technologies and distribution of financial services – to create value, innovation and competitiveness.

Our Dedication

Future Healthcare positions itself in the market as a strategic partner that guarantees the utmost in confidence, flexibility and thoroughness in its activity, based on the following pillars:
•    Person-Centred Management;
•    Integrated Digital Platform;
•    Flexibility and Customisation;
•    High Performance and Competitiveness;
•    Use Analysis and Risk Management.

Our Ambition

Future Healthcare collaborates with its corporate customers as an extension of their internal teams, seeking to develop operatives that allow you to achieve 3 great objectives:
To provide all customers with an excellent experience in all interactions with the Insurance Company or Health System, answering the current needs and expectations that the “digital consumer” demands;
To improve the Company’s technical results, through optimising its processes of controlling costs with health expenses, namely by reducing abuses, preventing fraud, implementing audits and better risk management;
To reduce administrative costs in the Health business, through a platform that is totally integrated platform with the core systems of the Insurance Company or the Health Systems, allowing a high level of automation of its operating processes.

We offer

The portfolio of Future Healthcare services was developed in modular form and with the objective of responding to all needs associated with managing a Health or Life Insurance of private or public Health Systems:

  • Digital Health
  • Medical Services
  • Insurance Portfolio Management
  • Managed Services

All services provided by Future Healthcare may be encompassed in the model Software as a Service (SaaS) or Third-Party Administrator (TPA). In any business model, and in all of the modules we offer, we guarantee full adaptation to the procedures and image of our Corporate Customer.