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About us

The Future Healthcare Group, founded in 2003, is an independent international private group, with headquarters in Lisbon and offices in Madrid (Spain), Bucharest (Romania), Warsaw (Poland), Quito (Ecuador) and Bogotá (Colombia)..
Mission: “To provide our customers access to the best conditions of health; life and well-being.”


Integrated solutions to digitalising care, facilitating interface among customers, providers and payers, in order to democratise quality, humane, precise and sustainable integrated care.

The entire process of hiring, negotiation and maintaining financial relationships with healthcare providers is based on our technological platform, which allows strict and transparent management of all processes, fostering a relationship of trust with all partners.

We seek to respond to all needs, from product design, through the subscription process, to full management of all operating and clinical processes necessary to manage a Health and Life Insurance.

Management of portfolios requires an ever more detailed knowledge of the behaviours o customers and providers, as well as the evolutionary trends of health costs.

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